Christmas decoration

The Municipality of JBAIL-BYBLOS lightened its Christmas tree and launched the festivity season 2019-2018 in “Jbeil, the City of Love and Light”, during an amazing ceremony held under the auspices of IBL Bank, in the Roman road. This year, the Christmas tree is characterized by its environmental-spiritual nature. It is made of 300 small trees that will be distributed all over the city at the end of the holidays. The tree is -30meter-high and has a star on its top. The ornaments, designed by the Lebanese company “KristiesLab”, summarizes the history of Christianity and how this religion happened. In the first step, we will be living Christmas in the present, as we all know it: with the tree, the gifts and the lights. Then, we move between the golden wheat sticks reminding us that “Bethlehem”, where Jesus was born, stands for the “House of Bread”. In the third step, we discover the six pillars of Christianity, being joy, generosity, forgiveness, trust, prayer and family. The sixth pillar, Love, is the birth of Jesus Christ. In the fourth step, we travel back in time to Bethlehem and follow the Bethlehem star in the in the sky to get to the fifth step, Bethlehem and then to the Nativity scene, where the Savior was born.

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