80th Anniversary

In a ceremony held by the administration and syndicate of laborers and staff of the Regie Libanaise des Tabacs et Tombacs on the occasion of Labor Day and the Institutions’ 80th anniversary, Engineer Nassif Seklaoui, President of the Regie underlined that the Regie aims through its sustainable development plan, to become in the upcoming few years one of the sustainable tobacco companies in the world, reiterating the institution’s commitment to serving the country and its economy. The ceremony started with a welcome statement by the Head of Public Relations Nahla Slim, followed by a speech given by the President of the Syndicate of workers Kamal Yatim who commended on the efforts of the Regie’s workers throughout the hard situation the country has gone through. He praised their sacrifices and dedication which led to the achievements and success witnessed by the Regie today.

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