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A creative and conceptual think tank that strives to push the marketing envelope. Our formula is simple. We identify the key ingredients, carefully set the mix and deliver bespoke solutions that can satisfy a broad range of businesses and private interests.

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Our Mission

Making Stories. Empowering Brands. Creating Chemistries.
Connecting Minds.

Our Vision

Going Creatively Above And Beyond Locally, Regionally And Globally.


Christina Khater

Whenever I think of the uniqueness of our partnerships, “Generosity and  Kindness” are the answers. 

Leading KristiesLab on a regional scope has taught me the universal language of effective business “leading with values, everyday” and that the competitive edge of any product/service is the “added value” you offer and the openness to take that extra mile regardless of the extra fees.

The moment we go forward with a partnership, we literally vest our emotional bond with the brand and activate our shared momentum:

– Our network becomes their network. Bridging and connecting people together is a human art we do everyday at KristiesLab.

– Insights, expertise and knowledge limitless exchange with our clients is a ritual day-to-day way of doing our business.

– The bundle of our services is shaped by three simple ingredients: dedication, thoroughness and proactiveness.

Simply, whenever a company signs with us they limitlessly gain the commitment of over 90 full time employees in an outsourced mode and beyond. 

With trust, values, transparency and kindness you can capture what materialistic stuff in the world can’t.


Being regionally-spread, we are proud of how the spirit of the region is captured in the way we think and work. We think regionally at heart and approach challenges with both a global and innovative mindset. Our work, driven by insights, creates a long lasting impact.


​Often we find that in simplicity lies the most gorgeous solutions. However, simplicity does not imply compromising on intricacies. 

A lot can be captured and conveyed through simple yet smart solutions. We believe in keeping it simple, yet gorgeous.

We go above
and beyond

Genuine understanding comes from experiencing things firsthand. Our unwavering passion motivates us to immerse ourselves in our clients’ world, delving deep and satisfying our curiosity to truly comprehend their needs. We embrace adaptability, shaping ourselves to fit any situation that arises. True partnership means having an intimate knowledge of our clients, going the extra mile to ensure success. We are committed to doing whatever it takes to accomplish the task at hand.

We are
story makers

We believe in the power of a compelling story, capable of influencing behavior and making a difference in the world. What happens when a story doesn’t exist? We collaborate with our clients to develop captivating narratives that evoke powerful emotions. We meticulously craft unique stories and bring them to life in the perfect setting, ensuring an immersive experience.

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