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Episode 03

Diversity and Inclusion in Marketing

In this episode, we explore how embracing diversity and fostering inclusivity is revolutionizing the marketing landscape. Through powerful case studies like Nike’s “Dream Crazier” campaign and Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” initiative, we showcase the transformative impact of authentic representation and meaningful engagement. From Saudi Aramco’s “Inclusion is Power” initiative to Expo 2020 Dubai’s theme of “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future,” organizations in the GCC and Middle East are embracing diversity as a smart business strategy and driving positive change in their communities. Let’s remember: inclusivity breeds innovation and authenticity is key. By championing diversity in our marketing efforts, we create a more equitable and empathetic world.

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Episode 02

Purpose-Driven Communication

In this episode, Christina Khater explores the dynamic realm of purpose-driven communication. Delving into its transformative power, she uncovers how leading with purpose can revolutionize connections with others.
Purpose-driven communication is more than just brand promotion—it’s about standing for something greater, articulating values, igniting emotions, and catalyzing action.
With this episode, Kristies Talk dissects practical strategies for integrating purpose-driven communication into daily endeavors: authentic storytelling, collaborative campaigns, and transparent communication

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Episode 01

The Future of AI in Marketing

In this episode, Christina highlights the transformative impact of AI on the marketing industry. She delves  into AI’s role as a detective, decoding vast data for insights into consumer behavior. Stressing the importance of AI-powered analytics and predictive modeling, she emphasizes personalization as a focal point, moving beyond one-size-fits-all strategies to foster deep connections between brands and consumers. Christina underscores not only the significance of personalization but also the crucial role of authenticity in building lasting relationships. The episode concludes with actionable steps, where she  provides businesses with a pragmatic outlook on how to invest in AI-powered analytics, implement predictive AI modeling, prioritize personalized experiences, and maintain transparency and authenticity.

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Episode 8

Navigating CEO Battles

In this episode of Kristies Talk, we unravel the dynamic cycles CEOs navigate on their path to organizational growth. From doing everything themselves to empowering specialists, the journey is tough but undeniably rewarding.
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Episode 7

Leading by heart!

In this informative episode of “Leading by Heart,” join us on a journey to explore a revolutionary approach to leadership that goes beyond conventional strategies. Get ready as we dive into the changing face of corporate leadership. Learn how leaders who embrace empathy forge stronger connections, drive teamwork, and elevate performance across the board.

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Episode 6



Agriculture Gender Equality

 Diversity and Inclusion

Episode 5


In this podcast episode of Kristies Talk, the discussion revolves around the role of women in the agriculture industry, particularly within the pesticide sector, as well as the efforts of Debbane Agri in fostering gender diversity and inclusion.

Green Marketing  Green Events


Episode 4


In this episode, we delve into the realm of Green and Sustainable Marketing and Eco-Friendly Events with the Executive Director of the United Nations Global Compact Network Lebanon and Global Network Council ME Representative; Ms. Deenah Fakhoury. 

Emotional Intelligence Self Awareness


Episode 3


In this episode, Christina Khater explores the topic of “Building Your Home” within yourself and the importance of self-empowerment over seeking validation from others.She shines a spotlight on the fact that successful relationships require more than just love. She highlights the incremental role of effective communication, mutual respect, shared values, trust, compatibility, and balanced compromise. Additionally, she delves into the importance of understanding  your attachment system and its interplay in shaping your personal growth and emotional resilience.

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Episode 2


In the second episode, Christina Khater will be talking about borders. She will walk us through the rewarding journey of setting boundaries with oneself as part of self-care and personal growth.

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Episode 1


In the first episode of Kristies Talk, Christina Khater will talk about things we whisper about when we experience: “mistakes”. She will speak about the power of resilience and optimism in transforming mistakes and failures into a turning point towards real opportunities of growth and progression.

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In this motivational podcast series fully powered by KristiesLab, Christina Khater and her team will take you beyond the lines on self-improvement strategies, the puzzle of motivation, leadership and the journey to self-discovery. She and her team will share practical secrets of their entrepreneurial journey, life lessons and setbacks. They will be unlocking secrets of creating moments and experiences, leading teams and collaborating for the greater collective good in a 7-min inspirational talk.

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