Founded and Managed by Tania KoujouĀ 

Kiss The Spoon is a solid community of people who want to restore their healthy relationship with food, this latter being something positive, healing, social and pleasing! We are an inclusive non-judgmental brand with a positive respectful language towards our food, ourselves and the environment. I started KTS as an insta blog where I shared my struggles with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The movement grew bigger in my heart and today we have 2 kitchens with all-day breakfast, lunch and sweets. We operate from Beirut and Dbayeh, and we also distribute packaged sweets to 15 on-ground touchpoints in Lebanon. We grew at the toughest times but with the greatest support from the most wonderful loyal community. They believed in us and we gave them hope in Lebanon in return. Today, we empower our people to feel good with our positively nourishing food!

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