A Little Piece of Cairo is a cultural seeking brand, through meaningful jewelry and authentic connections. It is an opportunity to enter the realm of mystical history and hidden treasures.

Run and managed by Berna Daou and mother and partner Ghiwa, A Little Piece Of Cairo offers a unique selection of silver jewelry that represent a marriage of the modern self and heritage while reminiscing the Arabic calligraphy language.

It all started in the summer of 2017 when on a trip to Cairo, Egypt to develop sustainable shelters for the underprivileged communities and refugees, a project that I had won during a competition with Beirut Design Week as an interior and peace building architect.

Fascinated by the culture and the city, I decided to share this experience with friends and family back home in Beirut. What better way than to bring back to my loved ones “A Little piece of Cairo”. A Handpicked jewelry selection from creative designers and artisans who pour life into their work.

Shortly after, having fallen in love with silver and the realm of jewelry, I started expressing myself by creating my own signature pieces and designs. These pieces are a representation of my architectural background and my love of adventure while exploring new cultures around the world.

A Little Piece of Cairo is a growing concept, seeking distinguished and uniquely handcrafted designs that tell a story to their keeper.

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