Founded and managed by Eissa Zeidane 

Inspired by Lebanon’s traditional Dar, Little Reed is a welcoming space that sits on a picturesque stretch of land, envisioned as a haven for those who desire a return to their roots. Designed with an empathy-driven and pedagogical approach in mind, it is an ideal destination for those seeking the meditative and the regenerative; it draws inspiration from the true sources of being, reconnecting us with the traditional, the spiritual, the ancestral, the human. 

Surrounded by lush greenery, as well as dense pine, olive, and fruit orchards, it offers a space and a way of life firmly rooted in nature. Aromatic herbs, fruit trees, and rows of vegetables – all organic – frame the house, and on its borders, part of the land has been kept wild, providing an untouched home for its natural inhabitants.As you drive up, you will pass Little Reed’s roadside kiosk bursting with products and delicacies from Qsaibe. Once you reach the house, it feels like coming home to family, to your grandma’s house, warm and inviting, filled with beautiful memories that stay with you long after you’ve left. Step inside the homestead and travel back in time – period pieces dot its interior, vintage furniture fills its rooms. Walk into its kitchen and savor dishes created by women of the village, using their family recipes, the highest safety standards, and organically certified produce handpicked from the farmhouse’s fields and select farms in Qsaibe. 

Cutting through the estate grounds are paths that diverge and connect, at each turn offering natural tools for kids to play with and a natural environment for them to explore, along with planned traditional activities to provide them with invaluable ludic experiences. 

Through its overall vision, holistic approach, and select activities, Little Reed also aims to regenerate the local economy of Qsaibe by bringing the village’s cultural, culinary, and natural offerings to the forefront. It aspires to act as a bridge between the local community and the increasing number of visitors to the village, becoming a destination that enhances the wellbeing of all.

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