Founded and managed by Jana Jawhary.

We are passionate about spreading love by producing premium personalized chocolate messages that would put a smile on our customers’ face and by delivering an unforgettable experience when it comes to quality and service.

Say It With Chocolate focuses on supporting and empowering marginalized rural women by building their capacities and skills, creating jobs for them and offering a sustainable income. We are also proud to be fully operational on solar energy, thus being environmentally friendly.

All across Lebanon, Beirut
+961 70 357 457


Roummana is a company created in ras baalbak it’s mostly everything pomegranate related ( molasses / sun dried / juice / pomegranate vinegar…) we are planning on expanding and make ( قمر الدين / apricot jam / tomato paste / ketchup / sun dried tomatoes…) hopefully everything goes according to plan and Roummana will be an international company.

Note : our business is a homemade family company and our prices are very suitable and better than others. And everything in our product is natural with no artificial ingredients.

+961 71 08 13 90


Founded and Managed by Roudaina Bou Chahine.

Reef Catering provides catering services while empowering women of rural areas by providing them with income generating opportunities.

Mount Lebanon
+961 79 103 223


Recycler aim to bridge the gap between the environment and humans by taking innovation to another level. Recycler is specialized in solid waste management, environmental education, sustainable innovation and agriculture.

We are behind the first floating water waste solution in the MENA region called, RECYCLER BOAT ON THE RIVER, that is our award-winning machine funded by the European Union under the Ocean without plastic initiative, this boat like machine have the role to stop waste going down the river stream from reaching the ocean and affecting marine life. It is 100% solar powered, made by recycled materials, automated, internet connected and able to extract up to 1 ton of waste from the river each week

Mount Lebanon
+961 79 187 175


Founded and Managed by Manuella Youness 

Naturamis is a startup company in the food production sector. Our aim is to introduce a new twist to the traditional taste and savor the authentic flavor of the Lebanese Mouneh with a modern touch. We want to make differences in people’s lives by providing healthy and enjoyable foods. Mother nature is our inspiration, transparency and authenticity are our values

+961 71 229 559


Mortben provides healthy ready-to-eat meals and meal packages packed in glass jars to busy people. 

Mortben started as a home business in January 2021 and now it is a registered company with a team of 10 passionate individuals 8 of whom are women.

Mortben is a life-friendly business; good for the planet and for the people; It is providing meals and meal packages that are 0 plastic and the containers (jars) can be reused. Currently, we’re reusing 70% of the jars we are sending to our customers by giving them incentives and discounts. In addition, we have taken major green steps to be the most eco-friendly meal delivery service in Lebanon. Some of these steps are: Operating the kitchen with solar energy, reducing the delivery frequency, purchasing from local farmers and suppliers, reducing food waste, and composting what is left.

On the other hand, food is prepared by rural women and mothers, and the ingredients are the healthiest possible (Seasonal, natural, organic, and free of refined carbs and hydrogenated oils…). Also, these ingredients are supplied by farmers from rural areas.

Mortben’s main aim was to redefine healthy eating in the most sustainable way possible and to reduce solid waste coming from ready-to-eat meals and meal packages.

Mortben sells ready-to-eat meals and snacks through an e-commerce website, social medial platforms, calls and messaging, and retail stores.

Beirut, Mount Lebanon
+961 3 368 385

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