Our Collaborations

Events Management Training in Strategic
Partnership with UNDP

We are proud to have strategically collaborated with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) on an Events Management Training to the Youth Leadership Program (YLP) Lebanon Advisory Board.

During this immersive training program, we had the privilege of witnessing the unwavering enthusiasm and dedication of the participants. Their passion for enhancing their events management skills was evident as they actively engaged in the learning process, demonstrating a commitment to organizing events that drive positive change in social, economic, and environmental spheres.

The training covered a range of essential 
domains and themes, including:

Foundations of Event Management

 Event Planning Process

Event Design and Concept Event Marketing

 Green and Sustainable Events

ESG and Circularity Compliance

By addressing these critical aspects of event management, participants gained valuable insights and practical knowledge that will enable them to orchestrate events with a lasting impact on their communities.

“We are very proud to have engaged with this promising group of youth,” said Christina Khater, CEO and Founder of Kristies Lab. “The level of commitment and passion displayed by the participants reinforces our belief in the power of education to effect positive change. We are excited about the potential for future partnerships and collaborations with the entire team at UNDP, working together for the greater common good.”

As a company committed to fostering growth and positive change, Kristies Lab looks forward to continuing its collaboration with UNDP and other organizations dedicated to making a meaningful impact on society.

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