Beirut Marathon Association launched a new initiative of “Move for Good” which is station to tell stories by inspirational people who are involved in sports and who are spreading the knowledge of sports everywhere they go in their families and communities. These people are spreading the word in order to motivate the others to get involved in sports by any means so they can achieve goals on different levels: Developping the community of sports lovers as well as the general fitness, telling inspirational stories of sports which can affect and motivate people. This forum was held on Friday, November 6th in BAU in Tarik Jdide. Lebanese, Arab and international Speakers are taking part in this talk, we should note the presence of Paula Radcliffe, the World Marathon record holder (2:15:25) who will also be present to share her story. Diala Said, Palestine Marathon coordinator will also be present at the talk, with Ibrahim Sawfat from Egypt, David Silver and Ritch Roll from the United States, Sahil Nachnach from Jordan, and the Lebanese speakers: Ali Kidami, Sary Baiham (Autism Association), Karim Sokhn (Himaya Association) and Mona Francis.

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