Baileys Light

Event Planning, Influencer Management, Experiential Marketing, Production

Kristies Lab proudly led the conception, planning, and execution of the Baileys Light Brunch—an exceptional event that seamlessly blended elegance and excitement. With meticulous event planning, the team ensured every detail contributed to the sophisticated ambiance. Skillful influencer management brought together influential personalities, adding glamour and amplifying the brand’s presence on social platforms. The Baileys Light Brunch transcended a mere gathering, becoming an immersive experience through expertly executed experiential marketing techniques. Kristies Lab’s production prowess transformed the venue into a haven of sophistication, delivering a visually stunning atmosphere that celebrated the unique essence of Baileys. The event was more than a brunch; it was a celebration of lightness, style, and the brand’s identity, leaving an indelible mark on all attendees.

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