Greek Revolution

Events Management, 3D Projections, 3D rendering and modeling, Design and Build

In collaboration with the Greek Embassy, in the enchanting surroundings of Sursock, our team at Kristies Lab proudly took the reins of a momentous project—the commemoration of the Greek Revolution. With meticulous event management, we transformed the cobblestone streets into a living canvas, weaving the echoes of 1821 into every detail.

In the realm of imagination, our 3D mapping breathed life into historical scenes, and the building lighting projection turned Sursock into a mesmerizing tapestry of light. As the night unfolded, the very essence of the Greek Revolution was etched on the walls, telling tales of heroism and resilience.

This enchanting event, a creation of Kristies Lab, gained international recognition, with a prominent feature on CNN. In collaboration with the Greek Embassy, our innovative approach not only captivated the hearts of those present in Sursock but also reached global audiences, sharing the rich history of the Greek Revolution with the world. Kristies Lab, in partnership with the Greek Embassy, with a touch of innovation, brought the past to life in Sursock—a testament to the enduring spirit of a nation’s quest for freedom.


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