1978 Yves Saint Laurent Beauty created fragrances that became trademarks such as, Opium, in 1977. Adorning and enhancing strong personalities, it was classicism feeding on extravagance with Paris, the city of light as its capital. The dream continues today: the emblem of a trademark brand shining bright across the world under the banners of Paris, subversion and love. 2019 YSL launched the new fragrance of freedom that combines lavender essence from France with the sensuality of Moroccan orange blossom, for a unique floral fusion complemented by a daring note of musk accord. Brand ambassador training event was held at BO18, Beirut at 9:am ! Why ? Because why not ?! On est Libre ! BA training aim was to build and manage YSL community, generate a buzz around the new fragrance and to build a word of mouth marketing channel.

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