L’Oréal Paris Women of Worth Gala Dinner 2024

Event Strategy & Development | Public Relations & Communications Management | Media Outreach & Engagement | Press Management| Creative Direction & Campaign Management | Event Execution & Production

The L’Oreal Paris Women of Worth Gala Dinner 2024 was a huge hit! It was a night to celebrate pioneering and influential  women and inspire others. We wanted to create a night that everyone would remember, so we teamed up with L’Oreal Paris on everything, from the very first idea to the final touches.
  • Honoree Selection & Management: In close partnership with the L’Oreal Paris team, we meticulously identified the Women of Worth who embodied the event’s theme and resonated with the target audience. We then facilitated seamless communication with the chosen awardees, ensuring their informed participation.
  • Strategic Event Planning & Development: We collaborated with L’Oreal Paris to establish clear objectives for the gala. This included defining the target audience, crafting a compelling narrative, and meticulously planning the logistics and the event sequence and plenary themes to ensure a flawless execution.
  • Comprehensive Public Relations & Media Outreach: Our team crafted and distributed newsworthy press releases that brought the Women of Worth’s stories to the forefront. We also leveraged our established media relationships to secure significant press coverage, maximizing the event’s visibility and impact.
  • Creative Direction & Brand Management: Our team oversaw the development of the gala’s entire aesthetic, ensuring it aligned seamlessly with L’Oreal Paris’ brand identity. This encompassed everything from designing captivating visuals to curating an atmosphere that resonated with the event’s theme.
  • Event Execution & Production: Our meticulous planning ensured the seamless execution of every aspect of the gala dinner. From venue selection and vendor management to on-site coordination, design and build,  our team ensured a flawless experience for all attendees.
  • Influencer Management & Social Media Engagement: Our PR team strategically identified and partnered with relevant social media influencers whose audiences aligned with the event’s message and the Women of Worth’s achievements. We fostered these collaborations to generate post-event buzz, amplify real-time engagement during the gala, and extend the event’s reach beyond the physical attendees.


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