Moët Imperial 150th Anniversary



From the outset, Moët Impérial set off on an epic journey, through challenge and opportunity, to become a universal icon of celebration, conquering new worlds and creating unforgettable moments filled with glamour and style.It was destined to become a superstar. When Moët Impérial rose onto the podiums of the sporting world, it brought its own special prestige to a global stage where victories would be celebrated with a triumphant spray. Imperial in grandeur, Moët Impérial is designed in the image of the Champagne region, honoring the exceptional product of its terroir and the ancestral savoir-faire handed down from generation to generation. In order to celebrate the iconic bottle Moët et Chandon held an exclusive event at the Roman Baths in Downtown Beirut. Project signed by KristiesLab from concept to completion.

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