Tag Heuer Grand Opening at Vendome Mall

Design and Concept Events Management Public Relations 3D Renders and Models Production and Build

As pioneers in the industry, we took charge of every facet of this grand affair, showcasing our expertise in Design and Concept, Events Management, Public Relations, 3D Renders and Models, as well as Production and Build.

From the conceptualization phase, where our visionary designers seamlessly fused Tag Heuer’s legacy with the contemporary allure of Vendome Mall, to the flawless execution of every detail during the event, the event created an unforgettable experience to each and every attendee.

Cutting-edge 3D renders and models provided a sneak peek into the opulence that awaited guests, while our skilled team meticulously brought these visions to life during the production and build phase. The result was a symphony and contemporary blend of elegance and luxurious sophistication.

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