Tanqueray Activation

Events Management, Brand Activation, 3D rendering and modeling, Production and Build

At Lebanon’s premier events and parties, our expert touch in Events Management, 3D rendering and modeling, and Production and Build shone through in the Tanqueray VIP Zone Activation. We seamlessly integrated these key elements, transforming the space into a dynamic haven of sophistication and entertainment. Infusing a touch of glamour, our team adorned the venue with sparkling glitter, creating a visually stunning and immersive atmosphere. To add an interactive flair, we introduced a captivating spinner camera experience that added an extra layer of excitement for attendees. This holistic approach, combining meticulous event planning, creative 3D rendering, seamless production, and engaging activations, not only elevated the overall event experience but also left an indelible mark, reinforcing our dedication to delivering unparalleled and memorable brand interactions.

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