The Sparks Factory is an Educational Digital Platform aimed at teaching the Hard and Soft Skills needed in today’s world, through empowering women and creating online employment. Through offering accessible and timely pre recorded workshops to allow anyone to learn and grow at any time and place. Managed and founded by Yasmina Audi, the platform is currently operational in Lebanon and the MENA […]


FoodSight is a platform that connects agro-food businesses with freelance industry experts, and is carefully designed to meet the needs of the modern agro-food industry requirements. As a digital marketplace, FoodSight provides on-demand technical support to the agro-food industry, including access to information through an e-library and an e-shop, access to service providers, and most […]


Founded and Managed by Ruba Amine We’re a sustainable, design-oriented, and multi-award-winning social enterprise based in Beirut. We repurpose cages into lifestyle products, style spaces & events with sustainable materials and open/dismantled cages. We recently launched a design & social initiative “The Liberty Project” supporting local designers, suppliers and NGOs we believe in! Our motto […]


Founded and Managed by Marie Sassine By giving importance to the real life cycle of materials, re-done redefines high end home decor and regenerates available resources into affordable yet unique creations. Redone’s core mission is to reuse and upcycle any forgotten or wasted materials, as fabric and wallpaper leftovers as well as unused decorative objects  into practical and […]


Founded and Managed by Lamis Jaafar I own a photography company that covers weddings and all kinds of events . I have been in the business  for 12 years and one of the few photography companies run by women in Lebanon . I am very passionate about what I do.


Managed and founded by Joanne Karkour.  KIDDING is an independent Kids Teens and Moms lifestyle store based in Beirut. It is the Kicky Happy Family Destination  We cater for mischievous yet trendy and elegant Kids & Tweens as well as their fashionistas’ effortless simple yet elegant parisian style mothers. We are designers, shopkeepers, parents, neighbors, […]


Founded and Managed by Ayah Hoteit Atelier Miqias is a zero-waste and ethical fashion garments and accessories production house that economically enables seamstresses and tailors. Miqias enables designers and brands by providing A to Z production services by providing high quality fashion productions services with the added value of zero-waste and sustainable ethical production.

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