ABOUT THE Programme

A homegrown CSR initiative  developed by Kristies Lab and in strategic partnership with the United Nations Global Compact Network Lebanon, The Nawaya Network, Bloom EMEA, Stand for Women, and Debbane Agri (here should be put in backlinking mode), TheKnowHer Initiative aims to meaningfully empower and support women-led SMEs in Lebanon through featuring them in this free of charge, online, diverse and inclusive directory with potential clients, locally and regionally. We believe that this is a powerful way to unleash and promote the power of our local women talents and enable them to expand their market value and presence.

The initiative and in strategic collaborations with key industry players and actors of change, is running “Learning & Training Sessions” aimed at upskilling and reskilling the skill-set of Lebanese women entrepreneurs and early-startup founders to enhance their business growth and development capacities.

Perks of the Programme

Networking with
like minded peers

Unparalleled Learning

Exclusive access to high-level events
& workshops

Feature opportunities in
seasonal campaigns

A Glimpse on the
strategic PARTNERS

Featured Sessions

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